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Welcome Back!

This is certainly true but it can also be the scariest for both the parents and the child. Whether or not you choose to walk in tomorrow or drop off in carpool here are a few tips on making that first day the best that it can be:

1) Having a goodbye routine provides comfort and familiarity, so your child knows what’s to come. This could be anything you and your child decide on, such as a special hug or handshake followed by a “See you later, alligator!” Once you’ve said your goodbyes, it’s best to make a quick exit so that your child doesn’t become engrossed by your being there. A long farewell scene might reinforce a child’s sense that preschool is a bad place if he is feeling that way.

2) Have your child bring a little reminder of home to ease their separation anxiety. If they don’t have a favorite doll or blankie a beloved book can do the trick. Comfort objects such as lovies may seem like small stuff to you, but they can provide a real sense of security to kids in an unfamiliar environment.

3) When you pick them up at the end of the day, reiterate that you came back, just like you said you would. This way, each day’s drop-off won’t feel like you’re both starting teary and upsetting goodbyes all over again.

4) Many parents may see their child have a bad first reaction to preschool and immediately decide to pull them out of the classroom. Please don’t, as we have many strategies to work with in helping your child be comfortable in the process of coming to school and separating. In addition, it prohibits the child from learning how to work through negative feelings and sets a precedent, for the older ones, of not having to face problems- it’s simply part of the development process.

We are all excited to begin school and hope these tips help those who need them. A couple of reminders before we start the week;

  • You may walk your child in on the first day only or do carpool. It is completely up to you.
  • Please ensure that your child is wearing the labels we provided that indicate their name and class so that we are able to assist them to their classroom. In addition, there will also be Board members helping that may or may not know your child and this will help them as well.
  • Please ensure that all backpacks have a change of clothes that are labelled in them.
  • Carpool will be very slow this week and to make the teachers’ job that does carpool even harder, it’s supposed to rain. Please make sure that you have signed up on the PikmyKid app so that carpool may run smoothly and have your child ready to go and unbuckled, for the downstairs children. We ask that you please pull as far forward in the upstairs carpool upon pick up to buckle your child in. Downstairs parents please remember to pull into parking spaces in the parking lot off Peachtree Dunwoody to buckle your child.

We are ready to see your children tomorrow or Tuesday and look forward to a wonderful year of learning and growing together.

With joy,

Susan Viers