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Our History

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    St. James Preschool, like many church preschools, was born out of need – mothers with young children who needed a place for their children to play a few hours a week. So, with the initiative and determination of a group of mothers, much like our involved and hard-working preschool moms today, and support of the Church, the preschool started as a Mother’s Morning Out program (MMO) in the fall of 1971. The MMO was held in the upstairs portion of the education wing, offering safe and loving care to ages crib through 3 years. Within several years the need to care for the older children was identified and St. James Kindergarten was formed. A Board of Managers was established to govern this new kindergarten, and a director was hired to be the administrator. The kindergarten offered educational opportunities for children ages three through kindergarten, and was housed in the downstairs portion of the church education wing. Although the MMO director and kindergarten coordinated shared facilities and common calendars, the programs where run and governed separately.

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    During the mid 80’s, a church committee evaluated the kindergarten and MMO and determined that the two programs should be combined and governed by one Board of Managers and led by one director. With the opening of the 1986-87 school year, all children, crib through kindergarten, were attending the St. James Preschool. As public school kindergarten programs increased, the interest in private kindergartens declined. St. James Preschool opened in the fall of 1987 without a kindergarten program.

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    By the early 1990’s prospective parents were expressing a desire to have an accredited preschool program. After careful evaluation, the application process began to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). In May of 1998, St. James Preschool opted to change accrediting agencies, and began pursuing accreditation with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools/Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS/CASI).

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    Today, St. James Preschool is a thriving preschool with over 190 students, close to 150 families and over 30 staff members. Collaboration among parent, teachers, and staff cultivate deep, lasting relationships and a strong sense of community. New ideas and carefully considered feedback continue to shape the thoughtful preparation and planning of the St. James experience for both current and future families.

Trusted And Loved By Atlanta’s Parents

Our children have been coming to SJP since our youngest was in the young 2's class. I didn't realize then what a jackpot we had hit when we got that spot! We have fallen in love with this school...the teachers, staff and entire community. It is truly a place where love and kindness are at the forefront of the daily learning process. My children come home brimming with enthusiasm from all that they have experienced at school and it is such a blessing for them to be surrounded by this amazing environment.

Katie Danyo

I can't say enough about how pleased we are with the program at St. James.  Each teacher my son has had has been just as amazing as the last, the staff really does care about their students and the school is the perfect environment for young children feel secure and confident while they thrive.  We are so grateful for the education he is receiving.

Laura Thomson

St. James  Preschool is a very special place to our family. My daughter began here six years ago and by the time my fourth child finishes preschool, we will have been at St. James for 12 consecutive years. The play-based curriculum in combination with the experienced teachers have resulted in very successful transitions to elementary school for my two oldest. We love it so much that we have joined the church- St. James is our family and we cherish our children's preschool years here! 

Meredith Seelos

As a mom of three children who have attended St. James Preschool, I have repeatedly experienced the warm, encouraging atmosphere it provides. Each of our children have blossomed under the loving care of their teachers here, and though our oldest two have moved on, my husband and I continue to see our third nurtured and loved in the same way.

Carrie Fischer

Over the last 3 years attending St James Preschool, our family has form relationships and connections that will last a lifetime. St James Preschool has proven for us to be a fun, safe, spiritual and creative place for young minds. Our kids don't walk in to school each day, they run happily. Its a great place for little ones to be  socialized or prepping our "big kids' for kindergarten. We love our St James family!

Melissa Orr