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Spring has Sprung at SJP!

Dear St. James Families,

We look forward to welcoming you back from, hopefully, a restful and joy filled spring break.  

Spring has sprung at the Preschool. Plants are growing in the outdoor and edible classroom and there is a spring table being set up to introduce the children to the life cycles of tadpoles and caterpillars. 

In addition, to help introduce our children  this week to life on a Farm, there will be a petting zoo/farm animals which will come to St. James on the 10th. All classes will have the opportunity to visit with them. Along with this theme we will be hatching chicks wherein the children will learn about their life cycle as well and count down the days until they pop out of their shell. (They actually don’t pop out of their shell it is a very laborious process for those babies and sometimes it takes a little while.)
This will be our 5th year of bringing new life to St. James in the form of animals and insects.

Speech and hearing are at the end of this week. Forms will be sent out to sign up for this screening tomorrow and Tuesday. Shelby Threkel , the Speech Pathologist who does our screenings, brings many years of experience in addition to her time as Director of The Cathedral Preschool at St. Phillip. She knows more than  anyone how crucial it is to have early intervention by screening young children in the areas of hearing and speech. Please take advantage of this opportunity especially if your child’s teacher recommended it at conferences.

Events to look forward to-

The Spring Carnival is Saturday, April 27th from 11-2. You will soon see information on how to purchase tickets.
Preschool Sunday is the next day on the 28th. We hope that everyone can join us at this service since the preschool children will be singing along with the Children’s choir of St. James. 

I hope you all have noticed our off duty police officers helping out with traffic in the mornings and afternoons. We brought this on as something to help with as a result of the Mid Year survey. I am sure that parents have appreciated this as does the administrative staff.

I am excited to see all of our children this week and am grateful for the time we are given to spend with them.

Have a great week,