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School is in Full Swing!

Dear St. James Families,

We had another great week at St. James and the children seem to be adjusting well. The 3 year old classes and up began going to their Specials classes of Library, Music, and Garden. Ms. Library and June began going to the classrooms of the 2 year olds, Toddlers and Infants. Please checkout their write ups of what happened in each of these classes. 

In addition, the 5 day 3’s,Prek, TK, and Kindergarten have been going to Handwriting and Makerspace. They also have summaries of the things that were taught in those classes.

This week we begin Playball for the 3 year old- Kindergarten classes. Playball uses the medium of sports to improve motor development, increase concentration, build muscle tone, improve hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, and improve balance along with countless life skills. At Playball, your children will learn persistence, courage, responsibility, and teamwork. Playball motivates children to participate in sports and sparks an interest in physical activity. The children love this program and look forward to it every week.

I love seeing all of the St. James Preschool signs all around town. It fills all of our hearts who work here for you all to show your pride in what we do. Thank you so much to Pamela Padak and Andrea Creyer for their hard work in making this happen.

Some housekeeping:

  • We are still having some carpool issues. For those who pick up children downstairs, it is very important for you to announce on Pikmykid when you come to pick up. This helps afternoon carpool to run more smoothly and efficiently.
  • When you drop off and pick up your child it is absolutely necessary to let your child out on the passenger side of the car. Cars will fly down the driveway on the downstairs carpool side disregarding the fact that a carpool is going on. The last thing we want is for any child, parent or caregiver to be hurt by a car coming down the driver’s side of the carpool. 
  • In the upstairs carpool the cars are going ahead and pulling around the cars who are parked and still unloading their children. For the same reason it is important for drivers to stay in the line and proceed when the car in front of you  moves.
  • Taco Truck night is September 29th. Please RSVP at the link below or use the QR code so we can get accurate numbers for the food truck on how much food to prepare. This event will be lots of fun; with music, food, art, and projects displayed that the children did that they can show you. This is also a great opportunity for you to meet or see the other parents in your child’s class. You should have received a flyer in your child’s backpack as well.

The weather outside is beautiful and I hope you are able to relax and enjoy the day. We look forward to seeing all of your terrific children tomorrow.

With joy,

Susan Viers