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Parent Feedback Needed

Dear St. James’ Families,

Thank you to all of you for attending the Parent Social. While I was not there, I have heard that many parents and staff enjoyed the event. A big shout out to VyVy Lee and Madison Langston for all of their hard work in seeing this parent get together come to fruition. The Preschool truly appreciates all of your efforts.

The mid year survey is out and we would be very grateful if you all took just a minute to answer the questions and fill it out. A couple of the things I have learned from the survey results that are helpful to the preschool and to all of its community;

1. There are parents who are very grateful for the surveillance cameras installed at the key card entrances to the building, inside the Fellowship Hall, and directed toward the playground. Jenny and Church volunteers are able to monitor the doors at their desks. The installation and purchase of all of these were made possible through the donations made to St. James Club.

2. Parents would like to be able to come to Chapel on Mondays particularly when their child’s birthday is celebrated.

These are just a couple examples of comments from the survey for which the Preschool is appreciative. Other suggestions made in the Parent Survey have been implemented over the years. Of course, the staff and I also love it when parents tell us in the survey that we are doing a great job as well! 

Another avenue for suggestions and comments to be heard, will be this Wednesday (tomorrow – 2/1) at 9:20 in the Fellowship Hall at the Townhall meeting. I hope to hear from as many of you as possible.

We look forward to another great week at St. James Preschool. Thank you for allowing us to love and teach your children.

Susan Viers