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I Love YOU

Three of the most meaningful words in the English language and words that have inspired thousands of poems, stories, and songs. Valentine‘s Day is almost here — the time that we demonstrate our love for each other and to our children with cards, flowers, and candy. True, these are expressions of love to another, but what does saying “I love you” mean to a child and why should we tell our children we love them?

First and foremost to a child, a parent is their whole world, so it makes sense that for a parent to tell their child they love them would mean everything. But what is everything? Does it serve a purpose besides just making us feel warm and fuzzy?

I read recently there are some very sound reasons to tell our children we love them:

1. It gives them trust—-they can rely on our advice as to having their best interests in mind.

2. It tells them they are valuable- –if children know they are loved for who they are and not what they have done, they understand that their life has value.

3. It gives them a cheerleader in the seats.

4. It gives them courage- A child is able to take risks when the foundation built by their parents is strong and stable.

5. It gives them time to grow—love is patient and holds true even through the bad.

6. It allows them to make mistakes- Children who know they are loved know they will be forgiven even after making mistakes.

7. It provides correction—love always looks for the best of another and so as a result love must provide correction.

8. It produces joy—-It warms the heart and lifts the spirits –it can change our whole day.

9. It gives hope.

10. It takes away fear—because protection is always available.

11. It makes them part of something bigger than themselves. A child who is loved has an identity in something greater than their own personal world.

12.It gives them confidence that they are always welcome-loving arms are always open.

13.It means another’s life is being lived for theirs-this appears in our living selfless lives every day for our children.

14. It provides motivation to love others. When we feel love we extend that love.

15.It will always remain. Love perseveres.

Love and affection are the foundation of happiness. By showing love and telling our children we love them every single day, we are giving them the greatest gift of all.

“If I know what love is it is because of you.” Herman Hesse

Thank you, St. James families, for the love you bring us.