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Family Night was a Success!

Dear St. James Families,

What a pleasure it was to see all of you at your child’s family night. I hope that you truly witnessed or were shown the terrific work that goes on in each classroom every day here at St. James Preschool. I saw them show you the friends they play with, the areas of the classroom they love the most, some spooky things they have been working on for Halloween, the Zoophonics alphabet, and lots and lots of artwork. One of the coolest lessons I saw that had gone on in the classroom was a ghost experiment wherein an egg is added to tonic water and vinegar. Over the course of 2-3 days the shell disintegrates and leaves a glowing shell membrane. The Science Behind It: The shell of an egg is made of calcium carbonate! When the egg is placed into the vinegar, you see bubbles, which is the chemical reaction of the acid within the vinegar reacting with the calcium carbonate of the egg shell to produce carbon dioxide. Eventually this breaks the shell down. How fun for the children to see this chemical reaction and do this science experiment. We are truly fortunate to have such wonderful teachers at St. James. 

As I went around to the classrooms I heard so many wonderful words of appreciation for what we do and I am extremely grateful for all of those accolades. I am very proud of my staff and how hard they work to not only love and nurture your children, but to also bring about a love of school and a curiosity to learn. This is the most important job we have as preschool educators–to foster and encourage a desire to learn.

On the note of words of appreciation, my door is always open for not only your words of appreciation but for everything–suggestions, concerns, and accolades. Please call, email or visit me if you have any of the above and would like to have a conversation about them.

I look forward to seeing you and the children tomorrow. It is so much fun looking at all of the cute costumes and how happy they are to wear them.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for allowing us to love and teach your children,

Susan Viers