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Community Helpers Visit

Dear St. James Families,

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend and enjoyed this spectacular weather! We are moving right along at school having learned all about Hispanic heritage and the cultures, into our month talking about our community helpers and our culture of service and what type of jobs those people have.

The classes will be going to the Culture Immersion room where the children will interact through dressing up, playacting, and learning about the occupations of people who serve our community every day. 

On Friday a Sandy Springs officer will visit the campus to give the children the chance to see a policeman up close and learn all about what his job entails. At the end of the month the Sandy Springs fire department will come out and show the children the workings of a fire truck and teach them about their job.

We look forward to all the adventures this month entails with your children. 

Some gentle reminders;

1. If you are having a nanny, grandparent or another person on your approved list  pick up your child, please give them your carpool number if you do not announce them in Pikmykid. It will definitely speed up carpool and allow for a safe dismissal for the children.

2. Please let us know when your child is going to be absent.

3. Some parents are curious as to sending messages to your child’s teacher on Brightwheel. Below are the 2 steps necessary, in order, to send a message that only goes to the teacher, me, Jenny and Kelley Morrissey.

4. Please change out the extra set of clothes in your child’s backpack to allow for cooler weather.

5. Family night, Oct. 23, and 24th depending on your child’s classroom designated time, is when our children have the opportunity to visit the classroom with their parents to show them what they have been working on and examples of that work. It is also a chance for our families to come together to see and meet each other.

Thank you for allowing us to love, teach and nurture your children. They are on their way to becoming curious learners as a result. 

With joy,