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1st Day of School is Tomorrow!

Dear Parents,

And so we begin….. a new school year with new children, parents, and teachers as well as those current children, teachers, and parents, commonly united by the joy they have in coming to school this week. The teachers are excited and ready with open arms and hearts to receive your children into their classrooms tomorrow and Wednesday.

It’s going to be a terrific year. It’s our 50th year as a Preschool and there is much to be proud of and celebrate. We will wear a specially designed t-shirt depicting our 50 years of excellence on Spirit days, have a PEP rally full of cheers, cheerleaders, and Pompoms, and a Parent Social celebrating the years as a Preschool. Along with that, throughout the year we will have events wherein parent involvement will be welcomed and encouraged. Our hope is for us all to get back on campus and in the building.

 A few housekeeping things to get us started for the new year;


  •  I know some of you all really want to walk your little ones into the building– I completely understand. The last two years we haven’t allowed that and it has worked beautifully for the children and the teachers. Less crowding in the hallways, quicker goodbyes at the door, and a sense of accomplishment for the older ones when walking down the hall to the classroom, are all the reasons we have seen to continue the practice of carpool only drop offs.
  • Sibling drop-off is upstairs in the Infant through 2 year old carpool line.
  • We begin school on Tuesday the 6th for those Tuesday /Thursday and the 5 day classes. Please make sure you have your child’s name badges on them with theirs and their teachers name on them. 
  • Please have your child ready to go by the time they get to the car door helpers.


  • Please ensure that your child(ren)s folder is up to date and complete. All of the forms are online and can be filled out and submitted that way as well.
  • Please read the new COVID policy guidelines put out by the CDC in August at We will still require you to let us know if you, a family member or your child has contracted COVID19. Please call the office and let Jenny or myself know, NOT THE TEACHER. The only thing that has changed is that if your child has been exposed to the virus they do not need to miss school, only that they need to wear a mask while at school for 5 days and then be tested. 


  • If you did not receive a Yard sign please pick one up in carpool or in the Preschool office.
  • There is a coffee for all parents on Tuesday and Wednesday morning this week right after carpool to assuage concerns of new parents with small children or simply a place to see each other after a long summer of being apart..

I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and this week. It’s all about getting to know each other and their classrooms and should prove to be fun and fulfilling. 

Have a great week and thank you for entrusting your children to us,

Susan Viers