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Rush of the Season

Get Ready Get set, GO!

And the race begins. We are off to prepare for the most anticipated time of the year. But do we take time to look at all of the wonders and blessings that this time brings? Most likely not. But I wonder if we truly viewed Christmas as if we were a child, would it be different?

When we see the world as if we were a child, we are seeing it with innocence, excitement, and the anticipation of something new. As if it were the first time, every time. It is those experiences that come with the sheer delight of being here and in the moment. It is not anticipating what is coming down the road, because children do not plan out their lives, well mostly, except for playdates with friends, going to Target, and marrying a classmate, nor spend their days worrying about what lies ahead. They are caught up in the moment of what they see or do, and they just enjoy that moment.

So, as I was watching my grandchildren as we drove down through my neighborhood, I thought, “Let’s act as though we were that child – the child who jumps up and down with excitement at a lawn full of inflatable Santa’s, Buccee Beavers, and reindeer – the child who’s eyes grow big and round when she sees the giant display of colored lights, and says “ Mommy look, look” – the child who rushes with delight to see Santa, ( He actually came to St. James on Wednesday ) – the child who isn’t worried about all the stuff that needs to be done before Christmas morning. Yes, yes, let’s pretend we are that child seeing Christmas for the very first time. 

My guess is that, although you may not think about it in the rush of the season, there are those times when, caught in the moment, you do see Christmas through the eyes of a child. I believe if the twinkling lights and the decorated tree in your home bring a smile to your face, if the songs of peace and joy on earth bring a smile to your face – if the scruffy looking ornament with your child’s handprint on it brings a flood of memories – then, you do see Christmas as if you are that child, the child that lives in all of us. And, I believe that in those childlike moments you remember what the season is really all about.

I hope you enjoy a special Christmas through the eyes of your beautiful children. I wish you a season of good cheer, family fun and togetherness. I wish you a holiday that is blessed, safe, and happy. Merry Christmas to all our St. James families, and may you have a prosperous new year.