The St. James Club – Putting the FUN in Funding

The St. James Club is instrumental in raising funds for school improvements not covered by annual tuition.  Each Annual St. James Club Drive enables funding of significant projects. 

Campaign funds also contribute to the Caroline Reese Scholarship Fund as well as continuing education and enrichment programs for our teachers. 

Past donations have enabled several large scale capital improvements including:

  • Construction of a new playground
  • Renovation of the Children’s Library
  • Addition of restrooms for several classrooms
  • Renovation of classroom and activity spaces
  • Installation of enhanced security cameras at preschool entrances and hallways plus a campus wide intercom system
  • Provision of additional smoke and fire monitors throughout the school
  • Renovation of the preschool office
  • Purchasing of additional toys and equipment of use in our classrooms
  • Purchasing of computers for staff use
Make A Tax Deductible Contribution Online
by check payable to St. James Club

If your company has a matching gift program, please include them with your donation!