Oversight of St. James Preschool is placed in the Preschool Board, comprised of parents, our Director, a teacher representative and representatives from our Church.  The Board oversees policy making and fund raising, and supports the Preschool Director in the overall administration of the Preschool. The Board reports to the Church Council of St. James UMC.

 2018–19 Elected Board Members

Laura McElduff, Chair

Lauren Kase, Treasurer

Carrie Fischer, Secretary

Jenn Knight, Ways and Means Chair

Katie Danyo, Ways and Means Co-Chair

Laura Thomson, PR/Communications Coordinator

Jen Wojcik, Parent Representative

Melissa Orr, Member at Large (Carnival Chair)

Brannon Arnold, Registration Coordinator

Anne Howell, Member at Large (St. James Club)

Hilary Bayer, Member at Large (Events/Volunteer Coordinator)

Barbara Bonapfel, Special Advisory Member