A Loving Place to Learn

As a ministry of St. James United Methodist Church, each person involved in the preschool is called to love as God loves and to provide a creative and nurturing environment for every child. We are committed to the belief that children develop and learn to their fullest potential in the context of a community where they are valued, where their developmental and emotional needs are met, and where they feel secure. Knowing that children are active learners, we help them learn to communicate effectively, respect others, analyze situations, exercise reasonable judgements, and solve problems.

Learning Through Play

Our teachers are committed to providing a nurturing environment while facilitating children’s play. Play is the vehicle through which children learn. While our children are playing, they develop socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically.

Preschoolers Need More Play

What Kids Need From Grownups

The Decline of Play In Preschools

Nurturing Environment

We believe that optimum learning experiences take place in pressure-free classrooms that are print rich and visually stimulating. Our classrooms provide children with opportunities to practice newly acquired skills and to experience new challenges beyond their level of present mastery.

Beyond St. James

When children leave our program, they are on the path to developing confidence, curiosity, and a profound love of learning. St. James students successfully transition to a large number of public and private kindergarten and pre-first programs, including, among others, Sarah Smith Elementary, Atlanta Classical Academy, Jackson Elementary, Montgomery Elementary, The Westminster Schools, Pace Academy, The Lovett School, St. Martin’s Episcopal School, and Mount Vernon Presbyterian School.