Weekly Update (9/11)

Great First Week!

It was so exciting to have all our children back in preschool, and what a wonderful first week we had.  Many thanks to all our teachers who prepared so well to receive them, and to our parents for making sure our little ones were ready for their return.  We look forward to a great year!

Please continue to put the nametags on your Y3, 3 and Pre-K students!  It has really helped the teachers direct the children to their correct classes.

Keeping Our Families Safe

Remember that during drop off and pick up time our parking lots are filled with families walking to and from their cars.  Please be aware of your speed as you drive through the campus, and let’s all be vigilant and slow our cars down.

Curriculum Coffee – September 14th

For those interested in PreK and the 5/6 classes next year, the Curriculum Coffee will be held on Wednesday the 14th from 9:20-10:15. The discussion will be led by the Prek teachers and by our 5/6 teacher, Kelley Morrissey.

Come hear how the Creative Curriculum is implemented in the classroom and how our assessment tool Teaching strategies is used. Anyone who is interested in learning more about our program is welcome to attend. Please call St. James Preschool if you are interested in attending at 404.237.7354.

Room Parent Meetings – September 15th and 16th

There will be informational meetings for those that volunteered as Room Parents on both Tuesday, September 15th and Wednesday, September 16th at 9:15 am. Both will take place in Room 305 of the church–upstairs from the preschool. Room parents need to please plan to attend one of the two meetings.

UPDATE–Date Change–After St. James What? Education Connection Sept. 27 at 9:20

PLEASE NOTE that the date for the Education Connection has been changed from September 21st to September 27th.

Come join us in discussing “After St. James What?”–Education Connection with Barbara Levy and Fontaine Draper.

Education Connection is an education consultant company that specializes in helping parents in Atlanta understand their children’s strengths, interests, and learning styles and empowering them to create a specific educational plan. They help identify students’ intellectual, academic, emotional, and social needs and then match these needs to appropriate educational environments. With a teamwork approach based on our student-centered process, parents will be investing in a plan that outlines opportunities and provides knowledge for academic success. The key is to select a school where the child can flourish and grow. Barbara Levy and Fontaine Draper have more than 50 years of combined experience working in education. To learn more about them go to www.educationconnection.us.

St. James Club

We are still looking for classroom reps for the St James Club to aid in communicating the importance of family/friend participation. We would love to have every family represented this year! Please email jenn.ann.knight@gmail.com or meredith.w.howell@gmail.com with any questions about involvement! Class Art Project Volunteers Needed The silent auction committee is looking for two volunteers to help with class art projects for the auction. Please contact Toney Peer, toneypeer@gmail.com or Dana LeTourneau, danamadonia@gmail.com if you are interested.

Child Comforters

A big thank you to the following parents who volunteered to be child comforters this week: Heajoung Yoon, Jen Heller, Jana Robinson, Jennifer Sadler, Allison Solomon and Melissa Fried.  Our children very much appreciated your love and attention during the first week of school.